Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rain Design's mTower wants to hold your mac

It is time for a break from the games for a consumer electronics review. With CES coming up in a few short months, the news on upcoming gizmos and gadgets are flowing in. This time around Rain Design Inc. has sent us the mTower, a stand for your MacBook Pro or Air that is made of anodized aluminum to match the body of your notebook. Not only does this stand intend to free up space on your desktop but also helps cool your device. My desk is my space and anything to make room along with keeping the apple look is a welcome device.
Previously, I had been using the BookArc Pro from 12South and though they are built alike with same materials, the design is very much different. The build quality is incredibly solid, the aluminum gives it weight, while the rubber adapters that are provided to fit whichever MacBook model help your Apple notebook fit very snugly. I preferred the mTower over the BookArc Pro because of the design, it especially matched the design of my monitor’s stand and provides better cable management for my layout.

Both stands have similar fits and price tags, but when it comes to the two, the mStand holds my MacBook Pro a little more snug. I also feel that it takes up less space and looks a bit better. The main reason to get one of these stands is if you are running an external monitor, this stand definitely has that apple feel, plus being solid as hell to boot. Lastly, and this is a biggie for those worried about air circulation, the mStand has a slot at the bottom for increased air flow and designed to work as a “giant heat sink”.

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