Monday, February 11, 2013

Soul's SL 100's are loud as they are shiny

We have another set of headphones to review here and this time around it is the Soul by Ludacris SL 100’s. The SL 100 is an on ear headphone that comes equipped with an inline remote and a flat no tangle cord. The headphones also fold to fit in small carrying case and polishing cloth to keep the shiny orange headphones clean and shiny. The SL 100 has a solid plastic build, a shiny coat, and soft padded ear cups and head band for a comfortable fit for extended listening.
These headphones are eye catching at first glance, the pair sent to me was the orange and black model, and it is a high gloss burnt orange color. The fit on my ears was nice and did a good job of isolating outside noise and filling that silence with all they have to offer. That is to say the SL 100, while being Soul's entry level headphone is still capable of providing noticeable bass which does not overpower the highs, giving the user a broad range of depth no matter what the genre.

Most of my enjoyment with these headphones were at high volume, as that is when you get the higher highs and deeper bass. It would have been more enjoyable if you get that clarity at the lower volumes as they do allow loud enough sound bleeding at just medium volumes that those around you can hear. The only other thing I noticed was that the ear cups do move some to offer a better fit, but for me, I would have preferred a little more play as they still pressed on my ears.

The Soul SL 100 while providing an appealing look and some good sound  even if it was most noticeable at higher volumes, it is a good entry level headset. The added features like a compact carrying case to keep shiny and a three button remote, so you don't have to muddle with your phone or MP3 player to adjust the volume, change track, or take a call are very nice to have. The Soul by Ludacris is available now in an assortment of colors are are priced at $149.95.

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