Sunday, July 7, 2013

iBattz shows off their Mojo Refuels for the iPhone 5

After upgrading to the iPhone 5, I was no longer able to use my iBattz case, luckily the folks at iBattz were kind enough to send out a box of goodies. The contents of the box included the Refuel and Refuel Armor i5 cases, one that is slim and sleek and the other, well...the other is just begging to have the crap beaten out of it. iBattz is also pretty liberal as to what is included in the package allowing for long periods of use and variety as both come with two battery packs and the Refuel came with two bumpers, one red and the other was silver. The staple of Mojo Refuel is the battery pack as it is the first charging case with a removeable battery and whats better is that it charges by a micro USB cable and the battery is slim.
First up is the Mojo Refuel and much like the Mojo Vogue it is a slim case that is easy to get your phone in and out of while holding it securely to the juice backpack. What I liked most was how slim the case is, as it does not add much bulk to your pocket while quickly recharging. By the way, since it is for the iPhone 5 and you likely only have one lightning cable, the Refuel takes a micro USB and I have a handful of those so it was rarely without charge and when on the road I know that I have a full charge before I have to worry. Since it does piece together with plastic materials, I was worried about rattles and the battery cover being removed too easily, luckily the case is solid and secure out of the box. Ditching the gloss finish and going with a rubber texture prevents scratches, it does pick up fingerprints and oils off my hands, but the good side is that the texture prevents scratches.
Next is the Mojo Refuel Armour and this bad boy didn't come to mess around, it uses the same battery pack but that is it, no bumpers here, just a rugged face plate with plastic screen and a rubber case that wraps the iPhone snugly providing shock resistance for anyone that works outside or is just plain rough with their tech toys. To add sprinkles to that delicious treat, all ports seal closed to keep dust and water (light splashes) out, sorry bathroom users it likely would not survive a fall in the can, but do you really want to put it back against your face even it it does survive? My only concern was the added bulk that comes with the case and the difficulty of removing when cleaning and swapping batteries.

Once again, iBattz has provided a sleek and reliable case that really comes through in a pinch, even though it showed up after I needed it most, E3 always sucks a phone dry in a matter of hours. While the Armour was a solid case I use out riding in the desert, skateboarding, or any time I think my screen could be in danger. The Refuel is the daily driver case as it fits in my pocket, quickly snaps on and off and allows for variety with different colored bumpers. One item that took some getting used to was the location of the home button and slide to unlock as the case extends the length of an already long phone, especially if you are just upgrading from the 4/4S.