Friday, May 2, 2014

Jabra cuts the cord and brings us Rox

We have another set of wireless headphones from Jabra, maker of some of the most innovative wireless headsets I have had the pleasure of reviewing, and this time around we have the Rox Bluetooth ear buds. The Rox buds cut the cord to the phone and use solid steel to create these wireless buds, but the real stand out features happen to be what you can't see, like the hidden charge port under the left bud's cap, the power saving magnets, and being built to IP52 standards to protect from dust and water. Now that the Rox are synced and fully charged, let's see how they hold up to the challenge.
For starters, these earbuds are extremely portable and love the ability to easily power down when not in use by sticking the two buds together via internal magnets and power back on by simply pulling apart. The small low profile ear buds also deliver loud sound with surprisingly deep bass, the highs on the other hand did sound a little flat before using the Jabra sound app which allows playback in Dolby Digital Plus sound and access to a graphic equalizer to tune to my liking. Jabra's fact sheet shows five and a half hour playback between charges, which had me worried they would die before the end of the workday, but when I would stick the buds together when not in my ears, the charge lasted throughout the day until I got home to throw back on the charger.

At the end of the day, there were a couple things in which I would have preferred were done differently during production and the first would be stronger magnets as they do come apart easily when set down causing them to power back on and use the limited charge. The other would be the tuning out of the box as the Jabra sound app helps but I prefer to not require a separate app for each wireless audio device I use throughout my household. Other than that, these ear buds are amazing and insure a comfortable fit based on your usage and ear size with a wide variety ear gels and ear wings to keep the sound flowing to your dome without constant adjustment. Jabra's unplugged and uncompromised Rox earbuds are currently available in black or white for the price of $129.95.

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