Sunday, May 18, 2014

UAG outfits my phone and tablet with Mil-Spec Scout and Scout Fol

Our next review comes from a company new to me, Urban Armor Gear, and they have provided me with their military spec cases for the iPhone 5/5s and the iPad­ mini. UAG is a Southern California based company that has the adventure seekers in mind when designing their lineup as all products provide a rugged and protective design to survive the bumps and falls a bare phone would not typically survive. Their composite cases offer multiple function protection via a hard outer shell teamed with an impact resistant core and an array of colors to also turn heads and stand out from saturated phone case market.

I will start with the Scout case for my iPhone and this case with fast and easy to put on and the first thing in which I noticed were the larger volume and lock button, making it easier to locate and press while the low profile case avoids adding too much bulk to an already slim phone. The corners are raised and the border also prevents the phones screen from resting flat on surface to help prevent superficial scratches to the screen. The design does a great job of providing a tactical look for enthusiasts and protection for the abusive phone users by way of a patent pending honeycomb design on the inside to increase protection over that of the more standard cases by making sure that each case meets military drop test standards. The Scout case is available now in a variety of seven colors for the price of $34.95.

Next up is the Scout Folio case for the iPad Mini and if you couldn't gather from the name, this gem sports a folio design that protects the screen when not in use and sturdily holds upright when in use. This case does include similar feature to the Scout phone case, such as the lightweight composite construction, large tactile buttons, impact resistant core, and meeting military drop standards. Where it does stand out is the design and materials in which it is wrapped in, as it has a soft hexagonal material that is easy to grip and prevents sliding. Like most folio cases out for the apple tablets, this does make use of a Smart Cover to preserve battery on top of protection and the cover also folds put to stand upright in landscape layout for watching, browsing and typing. The Scout Folio is available now in black for the price of $49.95.

I was impressed with the UAG lineup for my apple devices as the sported a tactical look, provided protection from the overly fragile devices, and an affordable price tag. Sure there were some nuances, mostly just the loose fit along the bottom of my phone, but the extreme heat of Arizona is usually the cause and the bulkiness of the cases. The Scout for the iPhone's added bulk wasn't too bad, but the Scout Folio really added some girth to the tablet. If you are a fan of tactically designed tech accessories but do not have an apple phone or tablet, worry not as UAG also has cases for a number of Samsung's devices and the HTC One.

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