Sunday, June 29, 2014

Forget Bluetooth and AirPlay, Favi Audio+ uses Set To Connect

We have some great items this week that are simplicity and functionality at it’s finest. I am going to start with the Favi audio+ for the wireless speaker! Simple enough, but I expect Favi to have a trick up their sleeve, as they are the same company that turned my dumb TV into a smart TV with only a dongle. Well they did not disappoint as this speaker doubles as a stand and there is no hassle to sync as Favi uses their Set To Connect technology. Not much more to say about the features, simple and sweet, so let's see how this desk companion fares.
Out go the box this cradle/speaker has a soft rubber texture no slip feet, and a lip at the bottom to fold a phone upright and securely whether sporting a case or going commando. The Set To Connect technology is what vexed me most as I did not need to have Bluetooth turned on in order for the speaker to pick up and amplify what I was listening to, pull the phone away and sound goes back through the phone, it's magic. The audio+ is perfect for Face Time and videoconference, freeing up hands for trying to put together last minute reports or playing solitaire. Like I said about the sound, it amplifies, making that is coming out of the phone louder and not necessarily better. 
Favi's audio+ speaker works great for what it is but don't expect to get the same quality at higher volumes that are seen from Bluetooth speakers. We all know that the iPhone speakers suck, so getting more sound to hear from my desktop without having the volume cranked up on the phone is nice. This speaker can also be used for to actually hear whatever video you are trying to watch from Netflix to YouTube, but only in portrait orientation as the Set To Connect does not pick up the sound in landscape viewing. The Favi audio+ Set To Connect speaker is available now in black or white for $49.99.

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