Sunday, June 1, 2014

Divoom's Voombox sheds weight and adds portability with the Travel

Divoom, manufacturer of numerous compact Bluetooth speakers, has provided me with their latest life proof speaker that is small enough to go virtually anywhere. The Voombox Travel as it is so appropriately named takes the original Voombox, and dramatically reduces it in size to be taken more places with little to no additional effort. This palm sized speaker sports a clip to be added onto a belt loop or backpack and water resistant design to brave the elements. The palm sized travel speaker has piggybacked on my laptop bag for a week; it is now time to break it down.
This pint-sized powerhouse blows me away, as I was expecting the single speaker personal sound, but experienced music that easily sounded better than most of the speakers twice its size. The size is great as it really fit in my palm and was not uncomfortable or bulky whether clipped to my bag or belt loop. Being an on the go speaker is not its only trick as it was just as at home clipped on my pool volleyball net and was surprisingly loud enough to fill the pool with tunes. Most Bluetooth speakers have a bass radiator with little added sound but the Voombox Travel’s radiator makes a huge difference to the depths of sound it reaches.
In the end, this speaker was more than what I was expecting as it had more range than those with twice the components and power. The durability is a huge reason to go everywhere as the speaker is built to take a beating and be worry free, and it does that in spades. The best part is the price point as it enters the market with half the size, parts, and price while outperforming the majority of those out of their class making this a recommended purchase to anyone in the market of a small wireless speaker to have on them most anywhere. The Divoom Voombox Travel is available now in an assortment of colors for the price of $49.90.

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