Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iblazr is the phone flash accessory I didn't know I needed

Next up we have the iblazr, a unique accessory for the smart phone camera junky, in the form of a 4 LED flash for Android and iOS devices. The thumb sized flash plugs into a phone or tablet via 33.5mm jack, includes it's own internal battery, and has multiple light modes for those low light shots and videos. The four powerful LEDs are topped with 70-degree optics to provide enough light for just about any situation. Features aside, it's time to see how this simple beast performs.
The iblazr was more functional than I was expecting as it could be used as a laptop lamp by way of a flexible charger or audio extension cable and a light source for personal camera from the included cold shoe mount. I was worried about the battery life due to the small stature, but the internal battery outlasts my phone. The iblazr is easy to use with a push of the button and additional presses for various steady light levels. Using the flash requires use of the iblazr app, which is on par with the iOS 7 camera app, unfortunately after upgrading to iOS 8, it does not offer the same features but offers a lot more lighting than the LED flash on the phone.

I enjoyed the iblazr for its' portability and night shots it was able to capture, but was ultimately surprised by the functionality it provided. My only complaint is the app required to use the flash function, but after a week of use it was quickly overlooked by the amount of time I used for the steady lighting and the multiple light levels. I have a soft spot for phone camera accessories, such as the iblazr and lenses for the capabilities they are able to provide to the devices most of us cannot be without. The iblazr is available now in white or black for $49.99 and aluminum for $69.99.

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