Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jabra releases the Move; bold on ear wireless headphones

We have another headset in and this gem comes to us from Jabra, dubbed the Move, cutting cords for wireless personal audio. Move is an on ear headset which uses Jabra's DSP to provide the most digital sound out of the high quality components used. These cans are built for both style and durability with a simplistic Scandinavian design and metal adjustable arms. Controls are on the side to take calls and control audio playback but should you run out of juice on the go, the audio cable will allow continued listening until the next available charge.

These headphones are pretty smooth looking, fit well, and sound even better. The Move feels sturdy without weighing on my head or neck, when not listening. The long use with minimal strain comes mainly from the fabric wrapped headband and leather wrapped ear pads, both with plush cushioning. The headphones sound great at higher volumes but tend to have a lot of sound bleeding and at lower volumes they are a bit flat. These headphones were also not made to be packed away as the arms do not fold in and the sides swivel, but not enough to lay flat.

Jabra's Move are a pretty good set of headphones that do a solid job of keeping my phone in my pants. During use, they strongly reminded me of my time with the Revo Wireless, just lacking the touch features and coming out at a fraction of the price. Move also isn't limited to the everyday black, but offer individuality for the bold in blue or red. The Jabra Move On ear headphones are available now for $99.00.

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