Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Griffin Technology provides MashButtons with their iPhone 6 lineup

We have a case showcase here at Mashbuttons and this load of iPhone 6 cases has come to use from Griffin. Four cases were provided to us, each unique and providing different features to the high priced mobile device. The Survivor Core is a case that protects the device from small drops, The Reveal case which is slim and shows off the phone's stunning good looks while providing extra protection to the edges, Identity is a case the is minimal while still providing protection without extra bulk, and lastly we have the Survivor Slim which is a dual layer case built to meet MIL-STD 801G standards for drop protection. Now it is time to see how the cases stack up.I have arranged my impressions on level of protection in which each of the cases provides, with that being said, I will begin with the Reveal. I like the case how basic and how slim it is and yet strong enough to withstand a three-foot drop. The Reveal also does just that, reveals the iPhone 6's sleek new design through a clear hard shell, while a black bumper surrounds the sides. While I am more of a fan of the harder materials as they are easy to clean, with the Reveal, Griffin decided to go with rubber feel that is tough to keep clean in a dusty environments.Next up, we have the Identity, which is another pretty basic case with a twist. This is a dual layer case, which includes a bumper and a back plate, topped with being built to withstand up to a four-foot drop. The twist is that the case is designed to support Griffin's numerous back plates, which vary in design and functionality. Much like the name implies the varying back plates allow for changing a phone's identity. The dual material case feels a lot more solid than the Reveal, but the clear back plate is just as easy to scratch over time. Now for the more durable of the cases, the Survivor Series, and I will begin with the Survivor Core. This case is rather basic, similar to the Reveal but its build design makes the phone easier to hold and providing greater drop protection at up to 6.6 feet or 2 meters. This increased protection comes from the shatter resistance polycarbonate back and TPE rubber surrounds the phone with raised corners to help absorb the impact when dropped. This is a minimalist case for the clumsy and is great because the Core still provides a slim design to go with the peace of mind when the inevitable hits and the iPhone plummets to the ground.Finally and my favorite of the bundle is the Survivor Slim, and like the Core, it also provides drop protection up to 6.6 feet, but this bad boy was built to exceed MIL-STD 801G by making a dual layer case. While adding more protection, the case is remarkably slim, and as you can tell from the pictures Griffin opted to make the case wider as opposed to the common thicker cases and this was much preferred. To also help with the grip, a silicon jacket is used to wrap around the hard polycarbonate shell. While there was added bulk to my pocket, the slim design felt natural and not too bulky, but the biggest plus side, was that the case was more comfortable to hold during extended use while reading or playing games. 

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