Saturday, May 2, 2015

Juno releases the HUE Pro, a power bank with function and class

We have another power bank review and this time around come courtesy of Juno Power. We have reviewed a number of power banks, both big and small, and the HUE Pro is a little bit different, in that it comes packing a whopping 10000 mAh of juice, a flashy body, and bright LED light. The juice box also includes two USB charging ports for multiple device charging. Now that I have been using this beast for my phone, tablet, PS4 controllers, camera, and more, let's see how it does.Out of the box, I loved the build of the HUE Pro, with its palm sized stature to the metallic design. While it does pack a hefty punch it does not take up much space in my laptop bag. The added light is not the gimmick I was expecting and have seen on similar power bank, but is surprisingly bright by way of its high-powered LED and optic lens. The only issue I encountered in my use with the portable battery back was that the screen that covered the digital display kept lifting from the device, which could have been quite possible from the heat here, but a dab of super glue made sure it now stays put. Juno Power's HUE Pro is a great power bank the offer the same as others out there, it just does it better. The aluminum body matches well with my MacBook Pro and iPhone and can also charge my tablet or camera at the same time, so this bank never leaves my commuter bag. The digital screen, up there with the light, is a feature that helps make sure you always have a charge, displays the remaining percentage of juice to show a more accurate reading over the overused four to five bars/lights. The HUE Pro is available now in four colors for the price of $59.99. 

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