Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1 vs 100 US Beta | Impressions

Day 1 of e3 2008 has come and gone, and after all the hoopla of Microsoft's and EA's Press Confrences and other various news for the day, Microsoft finally brought the beta of it's Primetime offering of 1 vs 100 to the US. Already playing out in Canada, aligning the addition of US during the industry's largest event was brilliant. Chris Cashman, the host during last night's sessions, said there were over 50,000 logged in playing...impressive numbers, but even more so that his counter stopped at 50K.

You've no doubt seen the popular dramatic gameshow on television, hosted by Bob Saget, it's in the same vein as "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", the show pits 1 lucky individual against a mob of 100. As the all answer trivia questions, increasing in difficulty, over time, the mob dwindles, and the pot increases for the one, with key moments giving the one the ability to take the money (Microsoft points) and run, or continue on for bigger amounts.

Still in beta, no real microsoft points were handed out last night, but the appeal is addicting. The only problem is with so many logging on, it's like playing the lottery for a chance to play the lottery. It's difficult to be picked as the one, or the mob. I played at least 10 rounds (the length of about 2 hours over the course of the session), and each round I was just in the audience. While you can still participate, you're not really going for the real prizes. I suppose the good news is neither was anyone else. Unfortunately, the game isn't available to play at anytime, you have to be around for the few hours once in a while, and I recommend getting there early.

The Xbox Live Primetime has insurmountable potential, and I for one will be tuning in...

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