Monday, June 8, 2009

Overlord II,brought to you by the Minionsty of Information

The Minionstry of Information has sent me an e-mail regarding Overlord II with a video that is a little guide to get to know your minions before you get to control the evil little bastards. Red, brown, blue, and green minions each have their own special skill to achieve a common goal, being evil.

For those who have not checked out the first Overlord title, the main character is an Overlord that controls hordes of minions, that strangely resembles gremlins. You controls these minions to take over empires and lord over it's citizens. Sounds serious but the minions actually lighten the mood with their banter. See for yourself in these videos.

The demo is out now on the XBox 360, and remember, if you preorder at GameStop, you get a minion Figurine.

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