Monday, December 7, 2009

Dead Space gets a sequel, need to play first

vg_logosm It’s been officially unveiled today, EA announced the sequel to 2008’s hit Dead Space that will continue the adventures of protagonist Issac Clarke in his battle against the Necromorphs.  This is not altogether surprising considering the first title was welcomed among critics with very wide and open arms (still sits at an 89 average on Metacritic). 

Helmed once again by Visceral Games (Dead Space, Dante’s Inferno), Dead Space has all the makings of a true stellar sequel, but with no launch window, I cannot, in good faith, tell you when you can enjoy such an experience.

So this sets upon me a task.  I’ve put off going back and playing the first Dead Space because my roommate at the time blasted through it and traded it in before I had a chance to play.  I vowed that once a window opened up I would pick it up used, or on the cheap.  Well that window just suddenly became agape!  Best Buy has the title for both PS3 and Xbox this week for only $14.99 if you can believe it.  That coupled with today’s announcement has sealed the proverbial deal, and I’ll be heading up to pick up a copy after work today. 

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