Thursday, December 3, 2009

Torchlight (PC) | Review

torchlight_logo_300dpi So I happened to skip the period through the 90’s where Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 were all the rage.  I was a huge fan of other Blizzard properties (Starcraft and Warcraft for example), but just never got into Diablo.  Though I must be clear; this wasn’t by any fault of the game, I just simply never played it.  So when I came across a small “budget” title by the name of Torchlight, I didn’t even realize it was of the same vein, until I did some research, and playing the game itself.  I use the term “budget” to describe the price ($19.99) and not the quality behind the game.

bridge fight troll lava Developed by Runic Games,  comprised of Travis Baldree, Max Schaefer and Eric Schaefer (no relation to Tim), who were co-founders of Blizzard North, known for the Diablo series.  Okay, so the Diablo reference is becoming clearer now.  The game pits you as one of three classes, who come upon the town of Torchlight, and you explore the near-by mines (dungeons) searching for loot and leveling up.  As mentioned earlier, you begin the game choosing between one of three classes, The Destroyer, the Alchemist, or The Vanquisher; each specializing in melee combat, spells/magic and ranged weapons respectively.  I chose the Destroyer, and have been having a blast going dungeon to randomized dungeon amassing spoils and leveling up.  This is pure old-school rpg hack-n’-slash action, with a beautiful exterior.  Graphics are 3d, with an isometric perspective, allowing you to see a large area of the map.  Story is fairly basic for this type of game, and there are plenty of side-missions to keep you busy as well.

destroyer_vs_construct Along your side, you choose a pet to accompany your adventures, who’s capable of fighting by your side, and helping you carry more loot (sending your pet back up to the town to sell your loot is ingenious!).  You can select a dog or cat, and you can feed him different fish and even outfit him with different items to enhance their support abilities.

stomp crypt Currently the game is only a single-player title, but there’s replay to be had here.  There’s a retirement system, similar to a “new game +” option allowing you to pass on an heirloom from your old character to your new character, which definitely is a cool addition.  Plus, the whole randomized dungeon aspect keeps things nice and fresh.  There is an upcoming MMO that’s still yet a ways off, but will be a “free to play” MMO and having played the single player, I personally look forward to checking that out.

Mashbuttons gives Torchlight a 9.0 out of 10

Torchlight is available now as a digital download here, and on January 5th, 2010 a Windows boxed version will be available.

*editors footnote: Mashbuttons did receive a copy from the publisher for our editorial consideration, however that does not a good score make.

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