Friday, March 12, 2010

Hot Brink Trailer to watch with open eyes!

Once in a while a new IP comes along that has lots o' promise (it's almost St Patty's Day), and today, we bring you the just-released trailer for Brink, Bethesda's upcoming FPS from developer Splash Damage.

Even though it's purely a cinematic trailer, I'm digging the art-style, and the overall feel of the game.  It's Mirrors Edge meets actual shooting (lol), but not really.  I'm only basing that on the Parkour found in the trailer below.  I'm hoping this is a good one, I'm rooting for Bethesda to have a winner since they've started publishing more titles (Wet, Rogue Warrior, upcoming iD titles RAGE, etc).

Check out the recently re-launched official site here to keep up-to-date, and come back often as we'll have more information as it is released.

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