Friday, April 23, 2010

First screens and Cover Athlete info on Madden 32, I mean Madden 11

EA has started the Madden 11 marketing train, and it's gaining some steam with the release of the first few images as well as the news of this year's cover athlete.  If you're into the Madden series (which a good amount of you are), you may not need me to tell you who's on the cover above, but I had to rely on good old marketing materials.  It's New Orleans' Saints QB Drew Brees.  Who?  Oh, I don't know, I guess he's someone good though, won some All-Star Bowl or something with a ring.  I kid, I kid.  We hear the demo is dropping in late July, so be sure to stop on by to keep up with all the latest trailers, screenshots and info.

>>Begin screens of Quarterbacks in various, yet similar poses

Madden 11 is out on every gaming system on earth, in early August

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