Monday, August 29, 2011

Dood, here is the Mashbuttons review of Disgaea 4

Some of you may have seen our hands on impressions of Disgaea 4, some of you may not have, but worry not, because here is our review of the Strategy RPG title from NIS America, Disgaea 4 for the PlayStation 3. The sequel to Disgaea brings in a new graphics engine that provides more emphasis on the anime style along with enhancing the battle mechanics. A Promise Unforgotten is the first in the Disgaea series to feature both 1080p high definition graphics to show how Disgaea is meant to be seen along with...a senate. Yes, you read that right, this sequel allows you to become a dictator and create a political party for you to manipulate and take advantage of for new features used in battles, by of course if necessary, bribing your party members to sway the votes. So, now we enter the review of the hilarious underworld of vampires, werewolves, and the like.
When I had done my hands on impressions of Disgaea 4, I was about ten hours in, now going into the review I have surpassed twenty hours and still truckin. I have played Disgaea, Disgaea 3, and now Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, I have no idea how I missed the second, but three out of four isn't bad either. One of the things I love most about the Disgaea games is that it has always had writing that makes the story fun and engaging, poking fun at dark subjects, and this time around, it seems like the writers have really outdone themselves, I mean a sardine eating vampire, and an undying promise to save the Prinnies from execution, sure it doesn't make sense now, but just you see the political satire. The gameplay is fast in comparison to many other SRPG's out there, even though you will most likely spend twice as much time in between missions preparing for the next, but you can't have a strategy RPG without the strategy, or else you would have...not as much fun. HD? Finally!!! I was just talking about this with another writer about how a lot of the PS3 titles do not have play in 1080p, and though this may have been the last game I would have expected to play in 1080p, it looks great, even though it is not realistic like other next gen games, it appears bright and very smooth while the battle animations are fast and fluid. 
I have almost nothing but praise for the newest Disgaea, almost! You can have too much of a good thing, and by that, I mean the amount of gameplay features, ie stacking, throwing, geoblocks, stat modifying, fusion, etc, etc. It is a bit overwhelming when trying to determine your plan of action. Though variety is always a good thing and keeps me coming back for more, I did catch myself at times using multiple saves and going back to try missions again with different tactics to increase my overall score, ultimately to find out I have spent an hour and half trying to complete one mission just to soon be able to purchase the item I was trying so hard to earn as a reward. The senate feature was interesting and though I have already spent a couple hours appointing my minions to specific areas, I was left feeling like it took away from the gameplay, yes, even though placement of senate members and passing motions was beneficial on the battlefield at times. 
There are two SRPG series' that I have played through until completion, the first would be Final Fantasy Tactics and the other being Disgaea. I am not saying those were the only titles in the genre I enjoyed, but it says a lot that those two franchises are the few in which I have played to completion and Disgaea 4 will make sure that the pattern holds true, from the entertaining story, to the hilarious dialogue, and the addicting gameplay. Though this does not stray far from the previous Disgaea games, it does add a decent amount of new features while focusing on polishing what has worked well in the past, making this a great sequel to the series. Disgaea 4 will not be leaving my PS3 and will be there for eternity...or you know, at least until the next review for you doods.

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