Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NASCAR The Game 2011 The Review

Okay, I’ll admit it I’m a bit of a NASCAR fan. I don’t wear cut-off jean shorts or sport a mullet but I enjoy the high speed left turning action. The last time I played a NASCAR game was probably in 1997 on my dad’s PC. I remember driving the wrong way and trying to create spectacular crashes.
To get the full feel of a NASCAR race is difficult, mostly because the races are hundreds of miles and laps mixed in with some slow paced cautions and numerous pit stops. I think the many pacing options as well as computer assist options keep the game fun and allow you to slowly ease into the action. The addition of drafting off of cars in front of you adds a nice touch to racing, not to mention a level of strategy. Something I was really hoping for was more realistic damage, while it’s not bad, I think they could have done a little better job with how the look of the car changes due to contact. If you win the race you have the option of doing burn-outs and doughnuts to gain extra experience points. On top of that the driver will come out of the car and celebrate; I won with Danica Patrick and surprisingly it actually looked pretty close to her.
In closing, it was a fun game with enough realism to keep you playing. I try not to be too critical because I think it’s a difficult taking a 3 hour long race that mostly consists of left turn into a game. I think the casual gamer wouldn’t be too thrilled by this game, but if you are a big NASCAR fan you will defiantly get a kick out of it.
  MashButtons gives NASCAR The Game 2011 a 7 out of 10.

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