Monday, October 17, 2011

No NBA in 2012? Not needed with NBA 2K12

Who needs an actual NBA season? NBA 2K12 is so good I’ll barely notice that greedy owners and players are about to cancel the 2011-2012 season. I was a big fan of last year’s game and this year’s game is a step up.
Last year they introduced the “Jordan Moments”, which allowed you to play in classic Jordan games which were authentic from how Jordan looked, the uniforms and complete teams on both sides. This year they still have "Moments", but not just Jordan, 15 other greats were honored with classic games in their careers. The craziest/best part of these Legend’s moments is the dynamic presentation style based on the era of the player. For example, Bill Russell’s moment is presented as if you were watching a game in the 60’s, on a black and white TV.
I’ve always liked the My Player mode in MLB and NBA 2K, but I always felt like NBA was a bit lacking compared to MLB. Well, now it looks like MLB is the one that has to step its game up. This year’s version features a full NBA with pompous jack ass David Stern announcing all of the picks until they get to you. Another new part is the player interviews by GM’s prior to the draft and the post-game press conference. The post-game press conference allows you to gain or lose popularity with fans, teammates, and players around the league.
When it comes to presentation NBA 2K has always been the industry standard and not much has changed. The presentation will help you forget about the lockout, because it looks and feels like a real NBA broadcast. Commentary, pregame, halftime, highlights and post-game are all amazing.
I hate to say a game is perfect because there is always something that can be changed or approved and 2K12 is not immune from this. I would like to see some tweaks in the game play that would let you have the option of playing a more realistic style (the current style) and a more wide open style that allows more highlight type plays (dunks). But, with that said my criticism is really small and as a result I give the game a 9.9 out of 10.

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