Monday, October 31, 2011

Get all warm and cozy with our review of the Selk'bag 4G Lite | Gear Review

I've struggled for the past week on how to write a gaming-centric review for the new Selk'Bag 4G Lite, sleeping bag.  I've decided that I can't...however, since Mashbuttons has been branching out into some more tech gear, this does still have application.
Just like any ol' sleeping bag, the Selk'Bag rolls up nice and tight into it's own carrying case.

If you're not familiar with it (I wasn't) of the Selk'bag 4G Lite sleeping system, then you're actually in for a treat.  It's a take on your standard sleeping bag, and turns it on it's legs; literally.  This sleeping bag is not a bag but a full-body suit made from sleeping bag material.  It's made to be a wearable sleeping bag, but offers flexibility to to still give you freedom of movement.  Sure, there's a Snuggie, but that's just a blanket with sleeves, this is a full-body sleeping bag machine!  In a word, it's pretty sweet.  Imagine sitting around the campfire with just your legs in it all nice and cozy.

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But this is a gaming website?  You're right and let me tell you how you can use it while gaming.  This is perfect for the dorm room, or if you're like me and from Arizona where it's never too cold to actually use your heater, it's perfect for a cold Saturday morning when you don't want to use a blanket, but something that moves with you, that goes with you, and is comfy.  And the best part is you can extend your arms through openings near the wrists, giving you full access to any and all your two appendages can offer you; allowing you to play, pause, get some coffee, and get back to playing, all while never having to be cold.

Available in sizes XL to as small as kids and in three colors (dark grey, pink, or blue), if you're in the market for a new sleeping bag, or perhaps your gaming blanket is ready to be upgraded, this is right up your alley.  Of course, as a sleeping bag replacement, it's pretty awesome as well.  I think I'll have to get a second one for the wife!

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