Thursday, March 1, 2012

Konami tells us of new title AND remake coming soon

Konami and Zone of Ender fans alike will be happy with this news as there is a new title to be released next week in which we have posted the trailer for above. This new title is Blades of time, in which you will play a treasure hunter in the fantasy realm, Dragonland, in which she has the ability to rewind time. My first thought is Tomb Raider's and Prince of Persia's love child.
The next bit of news is a big, big deal to me. Zone of the Enders is getting an HD collection. You get two classic and great titles redone in one high definition bundle. Though I am not typically a fan of HD remakes, this is up there in terms of games on my wishlist as much time was spent on my PS2 playing these titles.

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