Sunday, January 13, 2013

Munitio brings their Nines to CES 2013

Now that we are back from the show, it is time to review some of the products we got to take home with us. The first of those being the gold Nines from newcomer, Munitio. The Nines are an earphone toting 9MM drivers and contains a three button in line remote. The design strongly models 9MM bullets, keeping that high quality straight down the Kevlar wrapped cable to the 24k gold plated plug.

While many know I prefer over the ear headphone but also enjoy a good set of ear buds if they can deliver good quality at high volumes, a they would mostly be used while being active. The Nines can do just that, they get blaringly loud while having crisp, clear sound quality, but then topped with bass enhancing chambers to widen the range you will hear. On top on the high quality sound they deliver, the Nines simply look badass and are built to withstand a beating.
On the downside, the hard edges of the earphones pressing up against the back of my ear makes for discomfort after long periods of listening. There are three sizes of the noise isolating silicon hollow points, but I would have preferred they be a bit softer to fit more snugly and increase the amount of time to listen comfortably.

The Munitio Nines are available now at a price of $169.00.

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