Saturday, January 19, 2013

Will new look help or hurt? DMC Released

Dante is back in his fifth console title, this time losing the number and going by the name of DmC Devil May Cry, and we were lucky enough to get a copy from Capcom for the Playstation 3. DmC goes back to Dante’s early years where the youngster of course has no respect for authority, going through life being tormented by demons as a result of being the offspring of an angel and demon. Devil May Cry is known for its action and long chained combos to unlock new skills to add to combos by hunting demons in Limbo. While Ninja Theory is new to the franchise and Dante has a whole new look and age, it is time to see if it is a worthy successor to Devil May Cry 4.

My time spent as Dante in Limbo was exactly what I expected, fun. Let me elaborate, once the action starts, it is incredibly hard to stop playing. The gameplay is fast, the more moves you unlock, the longer the combinations will get, and the more I changed my play style as Dante’s character evolved. On top of the visceral action, the boss battles were up there as well in terms of enjoyment, due to the length of battle and the size and design of each boss. Top that off with a matching soundtrack by Noisia and it is an all around good time.
I was not a big fan of the new look and as a fan of the series, I think this may have been step back. This can be a big deal for some, especially those that are fans of the original. The appearance of Dante is just about the only thing that was not familiar in my play through. DMC was also  easier than I remember the franchise, I only died a couple times on normal and I remember that even on normal, gameplay was more frustrating and difficult in the previous games. Lastly, the game was pretty buggy, I can think of at least five times over the past week where I have been playing that I have had to reboot in order to fix game breaking bugs.

DMC was exactly what I had been expecting, which was a fast hack and slash action title from a strong franchise with a different face. You get the mindless fun of stacking huge combo’s and the need to utterly destroy anyone and everyone on the screen. It is hard for me to say it felt like a Devil May Cry game after playing the first titles, but that may be the feel that Ninja Theory wanted going into development. It was hard for me to put down, easy to come back to, had a fun story, and non stop action. Newcomers to the franchise will definitely enjoy gameplay, veterans should give it some time as it quickly grew on me.

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