Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tylt's answer to dead batteries comes in the form of Powerplant

Last up from this year’s CES is the Powerplant from phone accessory specialist, Tylt. Last year, Tylt had left a lasting impression for it’s chargers and cases. This year what stood out to me was their power bag and the rechargeable battery packs. While we did not receive the power bag, we did receive a couple chargers and cases. The biggest lifesaver would have had to been the Powerplant. This device is a portable rechargeable battery pack, this one designed for the iPod and iPhone, but should one of your devices not charge by 30 pin, there is a USB output for the device of your liking. The Powerplant is holding a 5,200mAh lithium-ion battery, LED indicator for the charge level, and 2.1 Amp circuit to charge two devices simultaneously.
The Powerplant is plain and simply just that, a big ass battery on standby for that time of need. All of us have had it, that day where your battery dies too quickly, you need power for just a couple more minutes to find your destination, or when you are in a head to head race between your remaining charge and an important phone call. On top of that, it is never fun to send an office-wide email asking if anyone has the right charger for your phone. The Powerplant is built to hold a charge for up to a year, so even if you don’t need it after being charged, you can leave in your bag or car or wherever you fear of seeing the low battery warning. This was my saving grace at the show, mainly, because I was was on my phone so much, my battery was dead by lunch everyday, then the fine green spandex wearing ladies at Tylt came to my rescue with the now always on me, Powerplant.

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