Monday, November 11, 2013

Booq releases it's next bag in the Boa lineup, the Shift

Booq has released another bag to their Boa bag lineup and has provided me with the Shift, a new backpack that is both lightweight and spacious. Inside the Shift, like most other Booq bags, come filled with pockets for easy organization to quickly find whatever you may need without rummaging. Such pockets include a devoted padded laptop pocket that stores any size MacBook or 16.4" PC laptop, iPhone pockets in the shoulder straps, fast access side pockets and I haven’t even gotten to the main compartment yet. The main pocket offers huge amounts of storage for books, gaming console, storing documents or a change of clothes for a long weekend, but also multiple interior pockets for organized storage. Time to pack the Shift full of my gadgets and see how comfortable to this bad boy is for extended periods of time.

The Boa Shift, like most other bags in Booq’s line up has an incredible look and superior build with padded pockets to make sure all gadgets are safe and sound while strapped to my back. The straps pull the backpack flat against my back with little to no movement when walking or riding a bicycle. With the massive main compartment, I didn't have enough to fill it so I took my freshman daughter's text books to fill it along with my laptop and iPad Mini and while heavy once on my back, there was no strain and the padded back offered ample airflow in the 90 degree Arizona November heat. I am still dumbfounded as to how the Boa Shift holds so much and yet still has a low profile appearance. This is something that Booq does extremely well, with strategically placed pockets and well designed bags, I have yet to have an issue with too little space whether it be backpack, camera, or messenger bag.

At the end of the day, this bag is perfect to transport most any mobile desktop by providing a comfortable and snug fit and providing more pockets than I know what to do with. Over the past four years I have been impartial to messenger bags as they had usually been lower profile and easier to get around but as laptops get smaller, backpacks are as well. One of my favorite features that I have seen incorporated to all of Booq's bags reviewed so far is the Terralinq Service which helps locate your lost bag, granted a good samaritan reports finding the bag and it isn't deliberately taken. Booq's Boa Shift is the latest in the high quality bag lineup and is available now for $149.95.

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