Monday, November 25, 2013

Power Practical has multipurpose in mind with Lithium 4400 Power Bank

I am always a fan of portable power packs and the many shapes and sizes they come in, whether big, small, multiport, solar powered, or multipurpose, it is interesting to see what companies think of when providing power on the go. This next power pack comes to us from Power Practical and the company name hit the nail on the head, but the product at hand's moniker is a lot more bland, the Lithium 4400 Power Bank. This is a unique little charger as it also includes a four LED lantern and the charge capacity of this battery pack is 4400 mAh, so it can charge a phone three times before being recharged and fully charges most phones in around an hour, so let's see how it compares.
Since their inception, external battery packs can now be found in just about any size or capacity, so being a one trick pony won't get you very far. Power Practical took this into account by way of including a four LED lantern and a teardrop shape to make it easy to hold. The size is nice and compact to fit in a pocket and not take up valuable space. The lantern works really well at lighting up a tent, dark hallway, or outdoors but unfortunately it would have been a lot more convenient if a clip for hanging or to attach to clothing was included. Aside from the power pack/lantern, the package also includes a three in one fast charge cable, but of those three inputs, lightning is not among the trio.

The Lithium 4400 Power Bank is great for any fan of the outdoors, as it is allows you to both charge your phone without running a car to charge and shed a little light when you have to find a bathroom in the middle of the night. Be aware as it does have a switch to power off, charge, or turn on the light, so it is easy to forget to power off when done charging. The three in one charging cable would have been nice if it included apple's most recent lightning adapter, not a big deal just remember to bring your own cable. Power Practical's two in one is available now for the price of $59.99.

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