Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Zepp Labs, the gurus behind GolfSense have another trick up their sleeve

The geniuses behind the must have golf tech accessory is back and this time sharing the love to fans of baseball and tennis alike. Zepp Labs has just announced a multi sport sensor to help improve your swing with dedicated applications to the golf, tennis, and baseball player looking to improve their swing. The Zepp sensor appears to be smaller in size and has affordable sport specific mounts for your club, racquet, or bat.

The new Zepp sensor will be available shortly, November 19th to be exact and you will be able to find this incredibly useful device at Apple and select Verizon stores or online here for the price of $149.95. Additional mounts will be available for purchase and the lower than expected price of $9.99. Check out the new video below for additional information.

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