Sunday, April 13, 2014

Element Case outfits us with the Officially Licensed Ducatl linueup

My next review comes from one of my favorite case makers, Element Case, and this time around we have another collaboration, this time with a well-known exotic motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati. As a teenager, I was obsessed with Ducati's 996 and over the years the bikes have continually looked better. These sleek, subtle, and bold designs have been incorporated into accessories to protect recent apple devices. The items from the Ducati lineup that I received were the Solace case for the iPhone 5/5s, the red Vapor Dock for my phone, and the Soft-Tec case for the iPad Mini.

First up is the Solace case for my iPhone and for starters, the issue in which I had with the Hogue case is gone as there is no back plate to stick to the phone. The case wrapped my phone snugly in a strong polycarbonate shell and to give it that Ducati feel, the top and bottom are made up of anodized red aircraft aluminum crowns. This case is sexy as it is durable and if there were any one thing in which I did not like about this case, it would have to be the amount of time wiping smudges from the soft touch Ducati branded case. One of my favorite parts of getting sample units from Element Case are the cases that come with it, with Hogue there was the tactical holster and with the Solace, the contents included a Soft-Tec wallet case to ditch my wallet. The Solace Ducati Edition case is available now for $99.95.

Next in the Ducati lineup is the Soft-Tec folio case for my iPad Mini, which Element Case has also tailored to the Apple's other tablets. I had previously received the Soft-Tec Pro for the pint-sized tablet and it was a bit bulky, but this case uses a low profile shell to cut down on the girth. The inner lining is synthetic suede in a bright red to go with the Ducati logos pressed into the front and back of the case. The synthetic texture that wraps the outside makes the case easy to grip on the go and also prevents slippage when propped up on my desk or lap. Speaking of when the case is propped up, the hard-shell has a soft rubber feel that grips to the bright red suede at most any angles. The Soft-Tec Ducati Edition case for the iPad mini is available now for iPad Mini and Air for $79.95 and $89.95 for the iPad 2/3/4.

The last of the trifecta is the Vapor dock, an anodized red aluminum charging dock for the iPhone 5/5s. This sturdy dock is designed for the 8 pin Lightning charging cable with a cable management system on the bottom to give it a sleek cordless look depending in how you may have it set up on your desk. If you are someone that does not use a Bluetooth speaker but use your phone's internal speakers for sound, holes and air chambers have been machined into the dock to help amplify the sound from the phone. The thing that is great about this dock is it matches the Solace case perfectly and has a great snug fit so my phone doesn't wiggle at all while docked. The bad is the charge cable is screwed into the bottom of the case making it hard to remove to say, charge an iPad, and the black spacer easily falls out when moving the dock around making it easy to lose. The Vapor Dock is available now for the price of $99.95.

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