Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy HERB Garden: a new, more mellow automatic plant growing device

News from Denver comes straight from the digital greenthumb, Click & Grow, and they have just announced the device for the Willie Nelson at heart.

"Over the last several years we have carefully studied our target customer groups and decided to bring our company to a higher status with the introduction of the Happy HERB Garden,” said Click & Grow’s Head of Research. “The Happy HERB Garden is the next succession in our lineup of smart herb gardens. As we continue to move forward, we are in the process of developing smart pots that can grow Oreos and Doritos so our customers can live in completely self-sustainable cloud of happiness.” 

The Happy HERB Garden takes guesswork out of cultivating your favorite herb with nanotech growing material that is engineered to supply the plants the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients. Simply add water, plug in and let the smart device do the rest. The Happy HERB Garden’s unique LED technology provides the plants with enough light to grow the dankest herbs but is eco-friendly by consuming minimal electricity, costing around 6 dollars for an entire year.

Click & Grow just got a bit happier with the availability of their new Happy Herb Garden. For more information visitwww.clickandgrow.com

*The Happy HERB Garden is a fictitious product.

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