Sunday, April 13, 2014

MashButtons gets the new D-Link gaming router with StreamBoost: AC1300

What is the device that is in just about every home with high speed Internet and something that has yet to be reviewed on MashButtons? That would be a router and for this review, I have received D-Link's Gaming Router, the AC 1300. This router is built specifically for the gamer, streamer, competitor, watcher, and/or consumer with the inclusion real time control of bandwidth, based of the devices primary use to eliminate the dreaded lag. StreamBoost is an exclusive Traffic Shaping engine to this Gaming Router that evolves to ensure you have the speed where you need it most.

The StreamBoost is a very smart feature in which I think has a lot of potential with the ability to analyze, adapt, and evolve the amount of highly coveted bandwidth distributed to devices and applications. Most routers use a more simple and dated QoS, but StreamBoost reserves bandwidth when specified applications are detected. Lastly, D-Link's new router utilizes a cloud based updating and crowd-sourced profile creations so that the router is evolving with applications and devices.

This router was the easiest router for me to set up and being someone that goes through routers every 12 to 18 months, I had yet to have a painless experience with setup. The speed test resulted in faster download and upload speeds and the interface was great for managing the settings and bandwidth allocation. My biggest issue with my experience was the lag in which I encountered when more than one person was streaming video or playing games online.

The D-Link Gaming Router is a great network routing device for users in which do not have to share their bandwidth with roommates, family members, or neighbors. The reason for this is due to the interruptions in which I encountered during the week of usage. Granted, I would like to hope there are updates in the works to resolve this issue, it was just hard to continuously use when my year old router that was half the price was still running circles around this new router when multiple users were streaming and/or playing games online. D-Link's Gaming Router is available now for the price of $169.99.

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