Thursday, February 26, 2009

30 Day free GameFly Trial (Gamefly loves Netflix)

Good news gamefans! If you're a Netflix subscriber, you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial of Gamefly. This is actually a pretty great deal, as the best Gamefly will offer you directly in the way of a trial period, is a 10-day trial. That's barely enough time to get a game in the mail, and play it for a few days, hardly seems worth it.

Upon opening my latest Netflix delivery last night, I learned of this hardy deal, and you too can take advantage of the trial. Point your dub, dub, dub browser thingie to and you too can take advantage of the swingin' deal! I have not been able to confirm if you HAVE to be a Netflix subscriber, though I'm not sure how they would confirm you weren't. Go forth and get ye 30-day free trial!

Oh, it probably should be mentioned, this is for new subscribers only...Post in the comments if you're successful (or not).

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