Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Console Biased? (Microsoft PSWii)

If you're wondering the views of a start-up Video Gaming blog, and what our console preferences are, feel free to ask. We don't mind.

"Are you console biased?"

The short answer; NO. Are there strengths and weaknesses to them all? Yes. Do we have a favorite? Most certainly.

The long answer; between our full staff here at, we own all of the current generation hardware. The Xbox 360, however is the one that gets 80% of the attention. Does that make us biased towards the Xbox? Maybe; call it what you will, but for the most part, Microsoft's little Red Ringer, has the most games to play, the better online service (we know it's not free, get over it already), and the real kicker...everyone we know has one. Though my PS3 is beautiful, and whisper-quiet, I feel like when I try to tell all my friends about some of the great exclusives it has, they don't know what I'm talking about. Uncharted? Metal Gear? Little Big Who? What's that? They're amazing games people!

And the Wii, well Dominic has it...and I like Boom Blox, but that's about it. (it's actually not that bad, but it is...kinda)

Bottom line, I suppose we will weigh in more on the Xbox news, as it really has alot more going on at the current moment. But we definitely want to keep the site free of falling into any "fanboy-ish" ruts. Can we guarantee there won't be some arguments in the comments? Not possible, but we're gamers...and we go where the good stuff is.

Stay tuned for up-to-date gaming news, gossip, rumors, etc. We're not quite popular enough to have any exclusive content or advanced copies of games, but with your help (the readers) we'll get there. Let's show them how it's done.

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