Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dexter has a new trailer to sink your syringe into | iPhone

It's true, rooting for the bad guy always has a certain allure to it, but when the bad-guy is a charming, blood splatter analyst for the Miami PD by day, and an enforcer of justice, stalking and murdering the guilty, by night, it's tough to balance that act. Dexter Morgan deftly walks the fine line of morality there. GREAT television know; but not sure how that will translate to an iPhone game.

Yes, an iPhone game.

It's strange they are tailoring this title touting the touch capabilities of the iPhone platform, but one has to wonder if we could be missing out on a killer-app (pun intended) on any of the other current gen platforms. But I am hoping they can prove me wrong. I love the show, and I'll take the game for a spin.

Here's the latest trailer for the upcoming title that debut at Comic-Con

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