Friday, July 17, 2009

Overlord II | Review

Overlord II is a fantasy action adventure allows you to lead a band on gremlin-like minions through levels of game play; fighting humans, getting chastised by flamboyant elves and beating baby seals. In Overlord II, a sequel to a game I frankly have never played, a new Overlord must take on the entire Glorious Empire using his various and color codes (for his and her pleasure) minions – wreaking havoc and taking names!

The Minions are rumored to be smarter and deadlier than the previous installment of the game, but their incessant chatter is enough to make you want to turn down the volume on your TV (though they do throw out a decent zinger here and there). The Overlord controls his minions and their every move – sending them to battle (and most often until they die), chasing down hard to reach victims/enemies and having them assemble to use large scale weapons to send a pile of hurt onto the heavily shielded army of the Glorious Empire. Did I mention you can make those little buggers hop on wolves and upgrade their clubs to sharper, more damage inflicting weapons? There is a great deal of evil doing to undertake and legions of armies to defeat…if you are up for the challenge, this adventure is for you!

Overlord 2 definitely appeals to the inner bad guy in us all – fighting the forces of good, getting cheered and respected for killing humans and rewarded with new weapons and underworld mistresses!

Where Overlord 2 excels, it also fails – the minions are fun, yet for those of you wanting to be more involved in the battle might find at times you are sitting back too much. Of course you do get to get your hands dirty, especially when you can controls villagers after your minion surround them and you can walk up and take control of their feeble little minds! Speaking of sitting back – the game tends to take a long time loading and that can begin to disrupt the enjoyment and flow just a smidge. Nothing worse than getting on an old fashioned baby seal killing spree and left sitting for a minute while the game loads. You know what I mean? Thoughts so…

Fat mermaids, underworld mistresses, resurrecting fallen minions, stealing souls and killing baby seals – you think a game like this would leave you satisfied after hours of play, but this reviewer found it let him wanting more… More what? Another game or perhaps a club to whack a seal or two! I would definitely recommend this for gamers looking for something different or to fight on the side of evil – I would probably shy away from this if you are a hard core gamer or are looking for more excitement than a lair of rowdy minions could ever offer. gives Overlord II 7 out of 10

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