Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Pop-Cap Triple Play - 3 iPhone games reviewed.

Pop-Cap, a company that's synonymous with creating fun, quirky titles that are so addicting, it's no wonder they've garnered the nickname of "Pop-Crack" over the years.

I've spent the past week or so, playing with all that Pop-Cap has to offer currently on the iPhone platform. While we don't have a ton of iPhone coverage, (it's status as a viable gaming platform is still under review), we do have to share the love for our good friends over at the developer.

Lets get this part out of the way first, on all games. You've seen or played these games a billion times already on other platforms...there's nothing new to them in this regard. However, if you like your "crack" on-the-go, then we have just the thing. Starting with Bejeweled 2.

Bejeweled 2 is a simple,"line-up-same-colored-tiles" or jewels, with at least 3 in a row. At first, what seems like a random set of coincidences, turns into a strategic battle of racking of the highest score. There are a few other modes here - the first, just play as long as you can until you have no more moves. The second, play under a time-constraint, the more you score, the more time you keep to continue. Lastly, you can play "continuous" yet without any challenge or end-goal.

Next up is Bookworm - a fun, "scrabble-like" title, in which you use touching letter tiles to spell out words. Obviously the longer and more rare the word, the more points it's worth. Again, you rack up as many points with your vocabulary as you can. Just watch out for burning letters - if you let them get to the bottom of your screen - you're toast. Almost masked as edutainment, this title actually proves to be quite enjoyable as well.

Lastly, is Peggle - one that needs little introduction, (party cause we've already covered it extensively on the site) - but this is true to form Peggle on the iPhone. You can't beat the feeling catching a fever on the iPhone as you ride in subways, take flights in airplanes, or wait in line at the bank on payday.

In fact, the same can be said of all three - Anytime you get a 3-5 minute span of time to kill, you can pick up any one of these for a few solid minutes of gaming. Very easy to jump in and out of, you won't find yourself fumbling through menus and taking a lot of time, just go.

Now we just need more Pop-Cap - give us more!!!

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