Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Double Fine and EA invite you to ROCK (via demo) on September 17th | Demo season

Prepare to get "headbanger whiplash", at least in a small form come September 17th, as Brütal Legend will unleash it's powers amongst the Xbox Live and PSN that day. A short month away, we'll all get to experience what those lucky few did at E3 2009. Tim Schafer's newest masterpiece's demo will showcase the game's non-stop hack n' slash action and mayhem.

If you pre-order the game from Gamestop, you get access to the demo a week before the mainstream - so go pre-order online or in-store! I know I'm doing it today!

From the release:

The demo opens as Eddie awakes in the age of metal where he must quickly learn how to use the powerful ancient axe, ‘The Separator’ and electrifying guitar ‘Clementine’ to unleash combo moves that destroy the demons of darkness. As he comes face-to-face with zipper-faced nuns and devilish druids, Eddie encounters the beautiful and tough-as-nails Ophelia, an ally and would-be love interest. Together, Eddie and Ophelia use double team attacks for more powerful combo moves to defeat the rock demons that are after them. Luckily, they are bestowed with a super-charged, druid-destroying vehicle, ‘The Deuce’ that can be upgraded with weapons and armor throughout the game. From the bowels of the druid dungeon to the tops of corpse mountains, the Brütal Legend demo is just the beginning of an epic journey.

Brütal Legend will launch on October 13th (Oct 16th in Europe) on both the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION®3

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