Monday, August 3, 2009

Little King’s Story | Review

Synopsis: Little King’s Story is a light hearted game with subtle hints of RPG, life simulation, adventure, and real time strategy. The objective of this title is to gain wealth and expand your kingdom by use of your townsfolk while keeping a favorable reputation and not working them to death. The king’s advisors help guide the player through the game with hints on how to get more followers, uncovers secrets, and reveal side quests to keep the peace. While you spend a lot of time commanding your minions…I mean followers, you are still able to get your hands dirty with boss battles and fighting homicidal Onii.

Praise: From the cartoon look, to the classical soundtrack, and strongly finishing with great gameplay throughout the game, Little King’s Story is an instant hit. The controls use the remote and nunchuk, not my favorite way to play through the game, but the button layout is easy to get a hang of without looking like you are having a seizure trying to play through. Yes, there is no motion controls used in this game. The story is comical, with subtle adult humor that also adds satire to some current day events. Classical pieces make up the soundtrack that will have you humming along, keeping a happy feel to the game as you work your villagers to death or lose them in battle, it’s okay they eventually comeback.

Gripes: There is a long learning curve to the game, as you are walked through the first few events by your loyal advisers for the first hour and a half. But, if you work through the tutorial and put in your time, you are rewarded with being the type of king you always wanted to be. The only issue I have with this game is the camera, while you are able to rotate the camera as needed, the camera control is the d-pad on the remote, which can prove to be a problem when sending soldiers to battle and trying to simultaneously rotate the camera to find the next Onii to kill.

Overall, XSEED did not hold back with the creation of the title by using the creator of Harvest Moon, art director of Final Fantasy XII, and the main programmer of Dragon Quest VIII to create a very well rounded release to add to the Wii’s quickly expanding library. There is a large kingdom to conquer, while providing a number of side missions to complete along the way, keeping you busy for longer than the normal ten hour play though found in most recent games. Little King’s Story is a fun and engrossing game that you can pick up to kill some time and end up losing precious hours you did not know you had to spare. gives Little King’s Story a 10 out of 10

Little King’s Story is available now on the Nintendo Wii.

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