Friday, May 14, 2010

Tony Stark is back | Iron Man 2 Review

SEGA has sent us their latest comic-turn-movie-turn-videogame, Iron Man 2, thus fulfilling an Iron Man filled weekend, complete with catching the latest Summer blockbuster, and diving into the latest game.  As you probably well know, movie game tie-in's aren't usually known for their robust gameplay, their impeccable controls, and their spot-on voice-acting, and no surprise here, Iron Man falls squarely in that camp.
There is, however, an audience to be had here, albeit a small one.  For fans of the comic, and movie, if you're in the younger demographic, there's at least some entertainment here.  For older players, and those that desire a little more meat to their games, you should look elsewhere, as this will quickly get overlooked with the other high-profile games due out around the same time.

You can play as both Iron Man and War Machine, and that choice truly is yours.  Before you begin a mission you can choose which 'suit' to play with, thus attempting to give more strategy to your load-outs, in reality, you won't find too much of a challenge here regardless of your choices.  Most levels you can fairly easily work your way through the fray.  The story-line takes place after the events of the latest blockbuster, which, in theory, would give reason to explore the characters more, and see more than what you just saw at your local cineplex.  Though, it would've been really cool of them to throw in a few missions that overlap with the movie, allowing you to experience and control the furious (Nick?) action. 
Featuring the voices of Samuel L Jackson and Don Cheadle, and NOT featuring the voice of Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr, the voice-work falls a little flat.  It's not terrible, but could've been better.

Graphics are fairly ho-hum, but they'll do.  You have to keep in mind, the developer is making this game for every system under the sun, given the (many) constraints to work within, you never can really expect Uncharted 2 graphics. 

All in all, unless you're Iron Man Super-fan, you'll likely walk away disappointed, however, as the price drops, this isn't all that bad of a piece of entertainment. gives Iron Man 2 a 6 out of 10

*Editors Note: The Xbox 360 version was reviewed, though the title is available on PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS

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