Monday, September 13, 2010

iPad App Splashtop lets you play flash games | App Review ***Update***

***UPDATE*** For a limited time, this app is only $.99; well what are you waiting for, GO GET IT!!!

So you have an iPad, and you have ran out of things to do?  Impossible, I say!  But lets say you just want to add some functionality, well how about controlling your very own Windows desktop!

Splashtop brings Windows to the iPad via remote desktop access.  The irony here, is that Splashtop's new app only works on Windows, and not on Mac.  Being that I just upgraded from PC to Mac, I can no longer enjoy that benefit.  However, those of you in PC-land, fret not, fire up this app, and you can remotely connect to your desktop, bringing with it all the benefits of a fully functioning computer, in a smaller package.

Want to play some flash-based games?  Check

Want to watch flash-based movie content (hulu, etc)?  Check

Want to do all of these without the security of having your desktop locked while you're away?  Check.

That's really the only draw-back here, (oh, and if you're running XP, you won't get audio, only the video) but if you lock your pc, and you connect to it, you can unlock, but anyone that's around the pc you're controlling will see everything you do.  Wait, there may be a neat parlor trick in here to freak people out, excellent!

Splashtop sent us a preview of the app to test it out for gaming, this is after all, a gaming site.  So putting it up to tasks on flash-heavy sites like, or proved to be a fairly competent affair.  Provided you have a decent enough connection, you should be fine here.  The lack of a physical mouse/keyboard will limit what types of games you play, but for the click-based, you should be okay.

All in all - it's a neat application that extends past our gaming review, in fact, it likely has more use with its other functions than to game alone, but it IS the first remote client that transmits sound, so we actually recommend.  Now, if they can get a version to work on the Mac...

Splashtop is available now from the App Store for $6.99

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