Monday, September 27, 2010

Zircons Y's 7 PSP Review/Love-fest

Believe it or not but I was in high school at the dawn of video games, Being the only family on the block that had "PONG" had its advantages (Especially with the girls). So I have forgotten more about Gaming than many will come to know. Early on, my heart shifted to the adventure games and subsequently the ever beloved "RPG" and yes I have played them all. My first ever exposure to "Y's" (Pronounced "Ease")was way back on my Sexy 1987 Sega Master System. So I am no stranger to "Adol Christin" our Red headed Hero of "Y's". So we fast forward 23 years to the Seventh Installment in the "Y's" Franchise abruptly named (Wait for it) "Y's 7" Wow. So each of the past six games revolves around our hero either washing up on shore or waking up in the land awaiting deliverance from evil by the hands of our hero, his trusty sword, and band of Friends. Evil doers beware!!

I have to say that from the moment you slide your PSP's On Switch you are going to be drawn into a 25-30 hour Action RPG that has some of the most beautiful graphics I have ever seen on a handheld system, period. That being said lets delve a little deeper into the Lush World of "Y's. As Y's Seven begins, Adol and Dogi (Pronounced Dough-gie) are aboard a Ship destined for the land of Altago and once they talk with the King they are tasked with discovering the mysteries that have taken hold of the land and his faithful subjects. Your party consists of three characters, but you only control one Hero at a time. Swapping them with the push of a button since certain enemies can only be destroyed by certain heroes. The combat is swift and fast paced as you roam the country side to advance the story and your experience and character growth.

There is so much to love about this game. From the fast paced combat to the story line. This is truly the one of the best Action "RPG's" around and it just keeps delivering to keep you vested. Playing "Y's" you will have to decipher the main boss’ patterns to succeed. (True RPG Brilliance… Delicious). To tell you much more would rob you of the experience of this fantastic title.

Once you finish the adventure you will want more and more to come. The distributor of this excellent title, Xseed, is bringing the other Y's titles to your PSP. Look for the remakes of Y's Books 1 & 2 and Wanderers of Y's later this year and into next. 2010 has been the year of the RPG on the PSP, first we saw the remake of Lunar: Silver star Story, The Chronicles of Mimana, Hexys Force,The Crimson Gem Saga, and now Y's 7; in a word these are all simply "FANTASTIC". Seek them out for your collection
before they are gone.

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