Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NBA 2k11 Developer Call Wrap-Up

Short-shorts, David Stern and the tongue! Ok, my wrap-up is a little bit more detailed than that. This call left me more excited for a basketball game than I ever been. Classic teams, new animation and smarter (and more logical) AI for franchise mode.

As everyone knows Michael Jordan will be featured in the game but it goes much further beyond that. Michael Jordan will be available to add to any team you would like but first you must complete 10 Jordan challenges. These challenges are scenarios from classic Jordan career achievements; but does that mean he will play against/with modern rosters or generic player? Nope, each challenge will be accurate down the short-shorts, uniforms and players. So you will get to see the likes of Larry Bird, John Stockton and Dominique Wilkens.

The Franchise mode got a boost in AI logic for trades, daft and other roster movements. So you won’t see the Hornets pursuing a high profile PG with Paul and Collison already on the roster. Also, instead of the generic spread sheet draft format they now have the draft in Madison Square Garden with Clay Bennett’s boyfriend David Stern.

Some other features they are boasting for this year’s installment are gameplay improvement, new animations and improved players, coaches and refs faces. The animation overhaul was a huge one with between 2,500 to 3,500 new ones (including Michael Jordan’s tongue). The improvement in the face graphics is aimed to make the players look real and less cartoony. NBA 2K11 hits stores October 5th.

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