Monday, November 8, 2010

EA MMA | Review

Synopsis: Fight fans, here is a little review for you as EA Sports has provided us with a copy of EA MMA to let out some of that testosterone in the ring without the pain and swelling. In this title you can create your own character and climb the ranks to become the title holder of the worldwide circuit. You will travel the world to learn a variety of techniques and special moves to work your way up the ranks and train to perfect the basics, ultimately making you a force to be reckoned with. EA Sports has also put a lot of work into the online side of this game giving the player the ability to set up fight cards, broadcast live matches, and fight as either your created character or your favorite MMA fighter. Let’s get on with the review, will you submit or dominate the competition?

Praise: After the most recent Fight Night title was released, I have fallen in love with the twin stick fighting style, well that same fighting style is in MMA, however, depending on the modifier buttons used, you can take down, grab, kick, and deliver some match ending moves on your way to the title bout. You can develop your fighter however you see fit, from weight class to fighting style, I was granted full control as to the type of champion I wanted to be. The graphics are amazing and with the lights and atmosphere of the bigger bouts, it is pretty awe inspiring. Fights for the most part are pretty quick and extremely gratifying when you win, especially when you are getting worked, you deliver that one blow to take the opponent by surprise and depending how you handle yourself from there it can be over quickly, the downside is that it goes both ways.

Gripes: First and so very foremost is the online community. This title came out less than a month ago and I have yet to see more than one hundred people playing at any given time, but it is usually less than fifty people playing. While the online gameplay is fun when you can find a match, but when a title that gets its replay value from playing online doesn't have many people playing and you are continuously getting beat by the same people, it isn't as much fun. Building your character, while mostly fun has its downside as you allot your time out of the ring training, but after doing each training exercise you can have it simulate training, which means constantly being smacked into submission with load screens. The roster is also something that I was less than impressed with as I am semi familiar with the MMA fighters, more so with the Thq title’s roster but barely able to recognize a handful of those appearing in EA MMA.

Overall, if you are a fighting fan and online gameplay is not important to you then EA MMA might just be the game for you. Being that you are able to create multiple fighters there is a lot of replay value to keep you coming back for more. However, if you are interested in this game to play online against the Xbox community then you may want to pass as you will spend a lot of time looking for matches and even longer trying to find matches against people you have fought yet. gives EA MMA a 7 out of 10.

EA MMA is available now for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii.

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