Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DJ Hero 2 | Review

Synopsis: What is better than playing a song on a music game with a plastic peripheral, well that is an easy one, the answer is mashing up two songs together at once on a plastic turntable. This is of course the sequel to last year’s DJ Hero title, but with a gaggle of new features, it is far from being the same game. Activision sent us the two turntable and microphone pack to review and after playing against the developer’s at E3, I am ready to see what the finished product has to offer. With the new title, comes new DJ and vocal multiplayer modes, battles, and over 70 new mixes to get down to. Party mode is also a new feature with the title that let's the games mixes play themselves while allowing player to jump in and out of tracks without stopping the music. So let's put on the cans, man the ones and twos, and rock this joint to grow your empire.

Praise: It seems as though the development team behind this title took a lot of time into the sequel fixing issues and making gameplay a lot more fun. Freestyle actually feels like freestyle as you are able to use your own creativity at certain parts using the crossfader and sound effects. Battles are tougher and more hectic against real all star DJ's leading to unlocking more venues, accessories, and mixes as you build your empire while becoming a world renown trackmaster. Online also seems to have more of a community, making it easier to find opponents of all skill levels and battle with authentic back and forth gameplay or a number of different game modes to master.

Gripes: After many hours of play through along with just leaving it playing in the background for some tunes while typing up reviews, I do not feel that the track list was as good as the first entry's lineup. Another thing that took away from the online fun was that most of the time I would be put up against someone playing on a different difficulty, sometimes easier, sometimes harder, so why is this a bad thing? Well it can make the matches less of a challenge for people playing on easier difficulty levels rather than challenging themselves and doesn't always pair you with someone in your class.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with DJ Hero 2 and plan on playing this for a long time, whether to try and unlock as much as I can or to play online. With a larger online community over the first entry, it has more replay value and generally more to offer all around whether you choose to play by yourself or with a group. DJ's, fans of the series, and newcomers alike would enjoy DJ Hero 2 as it is a very polished game, proving that the developers are listening to the fans providing the best product they can offer.

Mashbuttons.com gives DJ Hero 2 a 9 out of 10.

DJ Hero 2 is available now for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii.

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