Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goldeneye 007 | Review

Synopsis: The original multiplayer FPS is back, with Goldeneye 007 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Though it may not be developed by Rare, the makers of the original entry, however, it is released by a little company that knows a little something about multiplayer games, Activision. This Goldeneye however features a new Bond, Daniel Craig, and while it does feature the old couch competitive multiplayer, it will now include online multiplayer…Thank you!!! As far as the numbers go, here is the breakdown, deep breath…4 player split screen multiplayer, 50 total characters, 8 of which are classic Bonds, 10 maps, 3 standard modes, and 17 special modifiers, which equals hundreds of game combinations.

Praise: It’s Goldeneye, though I wish I could say I’m not a fan of recycled titles and franchises, but Nintendo has yet to disappoint. This is the Goldeneye you remember playing for hours with friends, in which, it has the similar look and gameplay to the original, it even has the same writer as the original movie, Bruce Feirstein. New to this title is online multiplayer, which I feel is where the replay value is at, as it is quick to find matches, has a large community playing, and uses many of the online FPS elements seen in the Call of Duty multiplayer that makes it more engaging. I played through this with the classic remote as I try to shy away from the motion controls and it handled very smoothly, I even consistently played better online with this over Call of Duty, which for those that have played online with me know that I suck.

Gripes: It has to be some sort of sacrilege to put the voice and characteristics of Daniel Craig as Bond in Golden Eye as Pierce Brosnan was the Bond of Goldeneye, but hey I may be the only one that feels this way about the decision. Though it does play really smoothly and is a fun shooter, but it feel that the storyline behind this title was a little flat and didn’t really stand out as anything memorable aside from a tutorial to the multiplayer gameplay. Also, one thing in which I wish was in this title that was in the N64 versions is the multiplayer gameplay where you have to race for you gun as opposed to starting with your choice load out.

Overall, as a huge fan of Goldeneye on the N64, I feel that this is a sufficient remake for the current gen console. Those new to the series may not appreciate this as much as other FPS shooters out there but the die hards should find this to be the go to shooter for the Wii. As far as replay value is concerned, I see this being my go to shooter for multiplayer action whether it is 4 player split screen or online multiplayer, this is something us older gaming generation needed to take us back to our high school years. gives Goldeneye 007 an 8 out of 10.

Goldeneye 007 is available now for the Nintendo Wii.


  1. I've only played the first two single play missions, and I have to say I am a fan. This is the first time I have played with the new classic controller, which is (if possible) has even better control than it's n64 counterpart.

  2. i like this game, what i can download this games??