Monday, April 25, 2011

Get over here for the MashButtons review of Mortal Kombat

That’s right fighters; you now have a reason to stop playing Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with the brutal release of the long standing franchise of brutal brawls, this time without DC characters. Mortal Kombat is back and it has something to prove, going back to its roots with so much polish to make you wonder, where has it been while forgetting the names like Ken and Ryu. The newest entry has a slew of new features consisting of but not limited to a new storyline that rewrites the game’s history, 3D environments and characters, multiplayer (1 on 1 and two or four player tag team), and fatalities that would make all the previous entries queasy. For the few that play for the story, it is Raiden’s last chance to undo Shao Kahn’s victory by going back in time and taking him down when he is most vulnerable, so get ready for our hands on review.

Where do I start, it is a very solid fighter, with fast fluid moves and combos, reminiscent to when I would throw away quarters in the arcade, back when the fatalities were cringe worthy. There are still various ways to finish your opponent with multiple fatalities, but as stated, they look oh so much prettier now. The roster is also packed with variety depending on your fighting preference and how much skin you like to see, also the PlayStation 3 version has the exclusive playable character Kratos, though when playing as the God of War, he seemed a bit nerfed, compared to when you were on your rampage in the action titles. Unlockables are very plentiful much like some of the more recent non arcade renditions of the MK of old, ranging from VS codes entered by both players, secret battles, costumes, fatalities, artwork, and music which can be acquired by spending koins earned in battle. There are plenty of game modes, such as story, challenge tower, online, and quick play, most are all equally addicting. The online is a lot of fun and pretty fast when it comes to finding matches, whether you play tag team or one on one, with little to no lag in the time I played before the PSN network went down preventing me from logging in.

Though a blast from the time I would pick up through the hours spent before putting down, I did endure some painful times, the biggest by far would be the "external intrusion" to Sony's servers preventing online play. There is plenty to do without being online in this game, but online is my biggest reason for getting so addicted to titles in this genre. The gameplay looks better than the CGI movies in the story mode, the fighters do not look right at times and the voice acting became painful when I realized I could not skip what the developer stated to be eight plus hours. The good part of the story mode would definitely be the amount of points accrued while playing through to be used in the Krypt, hoping to unlock more fatalities. Inputs are a bit touchy on the execution of combinations, making it hard to lay down the moves when you are repeatedly entering the commands at different paces hoping to execute just one more before time runs out in the challenge tower.

Now, for those of you that want to see what my overall take is, I love it, almost to the point that if Sony does not get their servers straightened out, I will quickly be running to the nearest retail store to pick up the 360 version. The console versions do not differ, aside from the exclusive character and controller preferences. Aside from having to figure out which console to buy this for, this IS the Mortal Kombat we have all wanted for oh so long and as long as there is a strong online community for it, I will be playing this for a long, long time. The other reason to keep coming back is the amount of DLC that is being suggested. This has been something we have seen before, but with the amount of emphasis on characters and gameplay modes, I am looking forward to seeing what is to come. gives Mortal Kombat for the PS3 a worthy 9 out of 10.

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