Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prey on these new screens from Prey 2

Bethesda has been putting out new content faster than we can post; bad for my carpel tunnel, but good for us gamers!  Here's the latest from the upcoming sequel to the 2006 Prey.  Bethesda took over publishing duties from 2K, while developer Human Head Studios continues as lead on the project.  The first title was a critically praised but took a while for it to truly become successful.  It's not a game most people remember as a stand-out from 2006 (same year as the Epic release Gears of War).

I personally never had a chance to play it, I tried the demo that I liked (it even included pre-Portal-like teleportation game-play devices that truly set the game a part); I think now I'll have to pick up a copy on the cheap and give it a whirl before the upcoming sequel.  Here's to the current gaming drought that allows to play catch-up.

Take a look at the new screens and let us know what you think.

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