Thursday, April 7, 2011


Rayman, Ubisoft's limbless action hero first made his debut on the original Playstation and introduced an incredible Disneyesque world filled with color and many interesting creatures. Being the brainchild of French game designer Michel Ancel, Ubisoft quickly recognized the genius of this platformer and polished this game to be in contention with competitive games the like of Mario and Sonic, it seemed Sony had its first platformer and it was incredible then fans waited and waited for a sequel but nothing showed until 1999.

Rayman 2 The Great Escape was released on rival gaming systems Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast on January 6, 1999. It was considered by many to have raised the overall standards of 3D gaming design even against titles such as Mario 64 and the Banjo Kazooie games. Rayman 2 quickly became such a fan favorite that Ubisoft then proceeded to release it on practically every other gaming system as well as handheld portables. Today we gamers have available to us one of the super system portables of the future the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS has finally given us 3D gaming without the glasses, and now designers everywhere are scrambling to invent unique 3D gaming ideas without realizing that they have some already right in front of them. Guess What? Ubisoft did. Rayman 2 was already a 3D game without a means of displaying itself in true 3D. So now that the means are here, the brains at Ubisoft saw how this favored game could finally represent its true inspiration.

Alas comes Rayman 3DS and yes it is Rayman 2 but who cares? It’s freaking amazing! There are literally 20 or more reviews of all the different incarnations of this game available, but it is the 3DS that has given me what I should have had over 10 years ago. Rayman 3DS is not only now in true AWESOME 3D, but also high definition. The images are crisp and clean while the colors are rich and exuberant. The game levels are all there and the control is spot on but, it’s the little things that have me amazed. Things like butterflies, dust, and sparkles that now in 3D really make this world POP! It is truly an immersive experience. It blows my mind that Nintendo did not bring us redo’s of Mario 64 or Banjo when they could have really given even these beloved titles new life on this system so I must praise the wisdom of the minds at Ubisoft to have given us a true classic and now I want MORE! I can only hope Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc is not far off and then maybe an original release in the future.

If you are the proud owner of the new Nintendo 3DS and want to see an amazing example of 3D gaming then look no further. Don’t walk, RUN and pick up a copy of RAYMAN 3DS today. We live in a 3D world…now let’s play in it. The Z man is running late as usual so I bid you adieu. I got some gaming to do. Zircon Out.

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