Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CES 2012: MB reviews Valentine's Gift Ideas for Her

So this is a MashButtons first, but as we get closer to Valentine’s Day, I figured we look out for those that have to put up with us gamers. Lelo has provided us with one of their newest massagers, the Tiani™ in which will now be reviewed by my wife.  Tiani™ can use during intercourse or for hands-free fun and features SenseMotion™ technology with a wireless remote that possesses several vibration patterns and speeds. Tiani™ is made of waterproof silicone and has a smooth flexible form for absolute comfort to both partners and can be used for up to one hour at a time between charging along a 39 foot wireless range.  This intimate toy can be obtained in two attractive colors from their user-friendly website Lelo.com.
When I first opened the Tiani™ I noticed and appreciated the smooth texture of the silicone.  In comparison to other silicone vibrators I have come in contact with, it was much smoother and did not possess that almost sticky silicone feel.  I could see that my husband was thrilled with the wireless remote option; he started considering all the possibilities.  Both the remote and the vibrator vibrate, which is great for 2 person play as the operator will be aware of how much vibration is going on and not rattle their partner’s teeth out.  The remote also allows the operator to have some fun, as tilting and moving it changes the intensity of the vibrations.  True to its claims, the vibration goes strong for an hour plus between charges and I found it only needs to be charged for approximately 5 to 10 minutes before it is ready for another round.  As someone who is easily frustrated by electronics, I found the written instructions to be clear and concise coupled with easy to understand pictures. I do not care for the noise of the vibrator as I feel that the point of a remote control vibrator is discretion in a public setting.  The noise is minimal for the vibrator, but still audible and the wireless control is a bit louder. 
The Tiani™ is a must-have with its fantastic texture and its smooth, multi-vibration settings.  I would keep it in the house or to a secluded setting where the noise cannot be heard, but all in all I was fully satisfied.

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