Friday, January 20, 2012

CES 2012: My iPhone's saving grace, the Boostcase Hybrid

For anyone that has attending a trade show knows that during the day, you will either need your phone charger to spend some time between meetings to rejuice your smart phone OR turn most apps, Wi-Fi, and backlighting off just to make it through the day with enough charge to keep on top of emails, appointments, text, and note taking. Well, after Boostcase provided me with their Hybrid case, there is no more need to worry.

The Hybrid case is essentially piggy backing a whole separate battery to the iPhone, which most of us know ads a ton of bulk to your handset while being ugly as all get out. But either their cases are sexy or I am just getting old and appreciating the function as this beast is a two piece life saver, consisting of a slim case and a battery pack that is slim and attaches itself to the case or to be left on your phone to be turned on and off as needed. To explain how well it works, the extended battery has a 1900MAH Li-Polymer battery that has enough charge to completely refill the phone in a matter of two hours, depending on what all you have running while charging, but I was able to drive to Phoenix from Vegas running my GPS and still seeing remaining charge go up while the GPS was still running. It also takes the same amount of time to charge as it would if using the Apple licensed charger. Lastly, for the gamers, the battery pack points the sounds towards you so no more worries about hearing what you play when the phone is turned horizontally.

There were a couple downsides, which could be due to the white Verizon iPhone being slightly different in size but when my phone is in it's gunmetal colored case, it does slide up and down a bit. Also the battery pack uses a micro USB rather than the 32-pin connector, so if you dock your iPhone to your car stereo or any dock that has the 32-pin connector you have to remove it from the case. But like it said, you are able to remove the battery pack from the phone for these situations along with turning the pack on and off when not in use so it truly performs in a pinch, quickly making you forget about these qualms.

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